Winter Is Coming… To My Wardrobe!

I Thought we’d lighten the mood a bit around here today and do some shopping.. who’s up for that?!

Before I start and before you lot tell me off again, this ISN’T a sponsored post. 

It’s well documented that I have an obsession with an obsession that’s actually increased considerably since I became an ASOS premier member. (Read my review of ASOS Premier here.)

Anyway I was scrolling through the website before and I noticed a brand called Winter Kate. I was intrigued by it because I knew the brand was Nicole Richie’s and I wanted to see what it was like. I don’t know why but I wasn’t expecting much from it.

Boy was I surprised. I fell in love with every item of clothing almost immediately. So in love that I felt I had to write and tell you all about it.

The clothes have a vintage, bohemian late 60’s early 70’s vibe to them. If you know me you’ll know how in love I am with the 60’s and 70’s so these clothes realty did steal my heart. They’re so feminine and summery too, but yet I don’t think I’d have a problem wearing them in autumn either. They’re understated and yet statement pieces at the same time!

A truly beautiful brand. I really did have a hard time resisting the urge to buy everything.

I wanted to share with you my top three items, the ones that made it to my basket!

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First up we have the Winter Kate Aurora Kimono with Suede Lattice Details. (above) There was two reasons I loved this piece, apart from the fact I think it’s really pretty. I think the colour is great as It goes with almost anything and it’s the sort of thing you can wear day or night. This kimono is £130. which I know in these times of economic crisis is a lot of money for most of you, so I had a look elsewhere on ASOS and found a similar Kimono by Rare for just £25! (below)


Click here to see the Winter Kate kimono in more detail and click here to see the Rare kimono in more detail. 



Next is the Winter Kate Freesia Dress with Lace Panels. (above) I love everything about this dress, I love the style of it, I love the print, the lace panels, everything! I always think that dresses like this look really nice on me. I’m 5 ft,8 size UK 6 so smock dresses like this don’t swamp me like a maxi dress does. Plus I have great legs and dresses like this allow me to show them off a bit whilst still looking feminine and nice. This dress is £99 but I had a look around on ASOS and they have so many amazing dresses like this for so much less. Like this ASOS Festival Sundress (below) which is only £32.


Click here to see the Winter Kate dress in more detail and click here to see the ASOS dress in more detail.


The last item is an unusual one for me, as I’m not one for wearing bright pink or trousers. So naturally it makes perfect sense for me to get bright pink trousers right? No? Oh, well I love these Winter Kate silk wide leg trousers anyway! They have a real ‘hippy’ vibe to them and they just look super comfy and you know what? Sometimes it’s good to try something new! These are £125 on ASOS at the moment RRP £205 but ASOS have so many amazing pairs of wide leg trousers for a lot less if you’re not willing to pay that much. I love these vintage floral ASOS Wide Leg Trousers just as much and they’re only £38!


Click here to view the Winter Kate trousers in more detail and click here to view the ASOS trousers in more detail!

Check out the rest of the amazing Winter Kate collection on ASOS by clicking here!

I really hope you liked this post, I just wanted to lighten the mood a little bit after all of the serious posts I’ve put up recently. I’m not affiliated with ASOS or any other brands in anyway, this wasn’t a sponsored post. All images within this post belong to

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