Things That Annoy Me – Rant.

When I’m having a really bad day with my depression my misophonia kicks in terribly.

For those of you that don’t know, misophonia is when annoying noises fill you with absolute rage.

I’m sitting here shaking with anger because I’m currently sat in a room surrounded by all of the noises I hate most and right now they appear to be horrendously loud.

I thought I’d rattle off a few of them and see if it calms me down a bit.

People that put too much food in their mouth (I know this isn’t technically a noise but its still disgusting me.

People that talk when they’ve got too much food in their mouths.

People that talk when their mouth is full.

People that make loud noises when they eat.

People who slurp and gulp drinks.

People who sniff instead of blowing their nose.

People that sniff then do that gross swallowing thing. GET A TISSUE.

People who swish spit around their mouths.

Incessant foot tapping

Lip smacking, raspberry blowing

When people suck their fingers and make slurping noises.

Also angry at people who keep disturbing me with pointless questions when I’m trying to get work done.

and people that make me repeat EVERY damn word I say then tell me off for shouting.
Still raging..

What annoys you? Comment down below or tweet me @MissCharlotteEm share your horrors with me! xo


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  1. Danny Zilo says:

    So, I only just discovered what Misophonia is and I’m self-diagnosing. I twitter searched it and found you’d wrote this, what are the chances!

    I can’t stand the sound of heavy breathing, air con units that are too loud, people rubbing their feet together, that noise that lips make when people’s mouths are dry and they speak, dripping taps, crockery being clanged together (curiously only when someone else is doing the washing up), snoring, people that speak with their mouth full of food, slurping drinks, the sound when a car/van engine is idling when parked up… The list seems endless! 🙁

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