There’s A New Boom Jinx Podcast! – Boom Jinx Podcast Episode 017

Since we’re talking about podcasts did you know that Boom Jinx has put a new one up too?!

I only seem to be able to find his on SoundCloud right now (click here to listen) which is a shame because I prefer listening in iTunes but that’s just me I’m sure it’ll be available on iTunes eventually!

This is a brilliant podcast though, from the second it opens with Deadmau5 Avaritia to the close with Soundprank – Gemini there’s just good song after good song!

The only thing I felt it was missing was some original Boom Jinx songs! I’m still obsessed with The Dark and even his classics like To The Six, Phoenix From The Flames but there wasn’t any original Boom Jinx songs in this which kinda sucked but at the same time every song he played was awesome anyway!

Here’s my top tracks in no particular order except that Avaritia was always going to be number one:

  • Deadmau5 “Avaritia” this song is the soundtrack to my summer and I don’t care that it’s November now I still bloody love this song.

  • Axwell & Ingrosso “We Come We Rave We Love” I’m on a bit of an Axwell & Ingrosso kick at the moment, I’m just loving them right now!

  • Andrew Bayer “Bullet Catch”. THIS. SONG. I literally feels like that’s all that needs to be said really, if you don’t get it go and listen to the song.. seriously.

I loved all the songs in the podcast but those are my top 3!

It’s nice to see Boom Jinx making podcasts again, hopefully if he’s got time for podcasts then it means that he’s nearly done with his album because I feel like I’m just going to explode with excitement if I don’t hear it soon!

Have you heard his latest podcast? What was your favourite song? Comment down below or tell me on Twitter @MissCharlotteEm! 

Thanks for reading!

Charlotte xo