Start Spreading The News.. I’m Leaving Today?!

Hey Guys!

Oh my goodness I have so much to tell you!

I’m going to make a list because that’s literally the only way I’ll remember it all!

  1. I’m an Auntie again! My sister had another beautiful baby boy on April 24th! He’s adorable and tiny and all the things you’d expect a baby to be and I already love him zillions!
  2. If you follow me on twitter (@MissCharlotteEm) then you’ll already know this first point but that doesn’t matter because I’m really excited so I’m quite happy to be saying this again! Jim and I are going to New York in October for #ABGT100 in Madison Square Garden! If you don’t know what #ABG100 it’s basically the 100th episode of Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy podcast and their 600th Podcast overall so it’s going to be MASSIVE night and I’m just so excited that we get to be there for it! I’m also excited to go and just be in New York for a few days too!
  3. That’s not all though, New York is going to kick off an epic adventure for me as I’m planning to follow Above & Beyond around the world afterwards. wherever they play I’ll be there with my blog and hopefully I’ll get to meet a load of you guys too!
  4. I’ve been asked to a compile a shortlist of DJ’s that I want to interview at South West Four which is exciting news because obviously that means that YOU could potentially have a say in who I interview! Plus the South West Four line up is INCREDIBLE this year so whoever I interview I’m going to be pretty damn happy!
  5. Did I mention that I’m really excited for South West Four???
  6. It’s my 7 Year Blog anniversary tomorrow and I’ve got loads of exciting things planned to celebrate it including giveaways and a whole lot more!
  7. I’ve also got some absolutely INCREDIBLE interviews lined up over the next few months, I don’t want to give too much away but they’re going to be AMAZING.
  8. Did I mention New York?? Literally SO excited..
  9. Slightly boring one but I redecorated.. what do you guys think of the new layout / colour scheme?

Okay maybe I didn’t have as much to tell you as I originally thought but hey it’s been a while since I posted properly so I just wanted to bring you all up to speed!

What’s new with you guys?

Are any of you going to New York for ABGT100? Let me know and we can be excited together!

ALSO I know there’s a load of you going to South West Four this summer that are requesting that I do a meet up, leave it with me guys and I’ll sort something out for that!

Tweet me @MissCharlotteEm or comment below and tell me one thing that you’re really excited for this year??

I love you all too much.

Charlotte xo