Something That Alzheimer’s Has Taught Me..

If you could spend one year in perfect happiness but afterward would remember nothing of the experience would you do so? If not why not?

No I wouldn’t. Life’s too short to waste a year like that when you could be making happy memories you’ll cherish forever.

Watching my grandad suffer so terribly with dementia has taught me that you have to make each moment last and treasure the memories while you can because you never know what’s around the corner, dementia could be lurking waiting to steal all of your memories away.

So the idea of electing to spend a year being incredibly happy but knowing I’m going to forget it straight after seems ridiculous. You can’t help Alzheimer’s and that’s okay but to chose to forget an entire year of your life for no real reason is absurd and in my opinion would be a complete waste.

I mean you’d be choosing to be in perfect happiness but who’s to say you won’t find perfect happiness without?

You don’t know what life has in store so why cheat it? At the end of the day you’d be cheating yourself too,

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