Secret Smile – Poem – Blogmas Day 15

Hey guys!

Here’s a little poem I wrote the other day after a few glasses of wine! (Don’t drink unless you’re of the legal age and always drink responsibly!)

Anyway I thought this was a happy poem and it’s Christmas so why not share a happy poem with you all!

I’ve called this one Secret Smile!

You’re the secret in my smile
You’re the sparkle in my eyes
I’ve known it for a while
Now it’s harder to disguise
How ardently I care for you
The Gram to my Emmylou
The Johnny to my June
Oh how happily my heart does croon!
I don’t proclaim to be in love
No angels sing from heavens above
But to be with you in this moment in time
Well let’s just say it’s mighty fine!

Hope you liked it!

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  1. S. Dupree says:

    No point in reading anymore.
    Hes those things to you huh??
    Yeah not the guy sleeping in the wooden
    chair. Well as long as Its mighty fine

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