This is my second big announcement to make tonight (January 2nd 2014)

If you’ve been on my blog longer than a minute you’ll know that my Grandad has Alzheimer’s and I use my blog to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s.

I’ve decided this year that with the help of you lot I’m going to do some serious fundraising for Alzheimer’s charities..

I’m talking serious fundraising.. I’ve not organised anything yet because I want to invite you all to take part with me! But I fully intend to go on a tour of the country.. Maybe even an intercontinental tour and do lots of high adrenaline activities and various other crazy things to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s! I’ll take my GoPro wherever I go for whatever I do so you can see the whole thing!

Here’s where you lot come in., I need suggestions of things to do! And I also need a crazy bunch of people to come and do it all with me!

Comment your suggestions for things you’d like to see me do below or tweet me @MissCharlotteEm and we’ll discuss it!

But I’m serious, there’s 50,000 of you that read my blog each week, we could make a real difference! What do you say? Are you in?!