Our Last Night – Poem

Do you ever have those dreams where everything seems so real? 

I have dreams like that a lot, sometimes they turn into nightmares, nightmares that are so vivid that they inspire me to write poetry about them. 

Here’s a poem I wrote called 

Our Last Night 

The soft lingering touch of his lips on mine
The moon and the stars up above brightly shine
The gentle caress as he holds me so near 
Two hearts beating as one is all that I hear
Passion filled eyes staring deeply at me
But my eyes grow so dark I can hardly see
I pray for one last chance to see him clearly
Look in his eyes and tell him I love him dearly
But this is it I’m starting to slip away 
I hear his voice saying no don’t go please stay
The moon and the stars are glowing brighter
I feel myself getting lighter and lighter 
My body moves with the rhythm of his tears
Whispers of I love you barely reaching my ears.
And then suddenly I had departed all life was gone
But his world keeps on spinning and his life goes on
I’ll be there every step of his way, there by his side
In his heart, mind and soul forever I will reside.

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Charlotte xo