Painting This Love – Poem

Imagine what it would be like if words were colours!

Here’s a little poem I wrote based on that thought.

Painting This Love.

You speak to me with pastel tones
My heart and head begin to groan
Again you’ve got me under your spell
It really makes me quite unwell
I throw my purple words at you
Although there are only a few
I have to find a way
To say what i must say
Purple tones blend with black
Fade to pink I take it back
I love you yes that’s true
You love me yes you do
Why spread the pastels over me
Leave them in our history
The future of us is grey and bleak
This love we have is oh so weak
Dirty tones wash over it all
Step back now let the love fall
Smashing into a thousand bits
All of the colours gush out in fits
Puddle of love on floor
I’ve seen this site all before
Start again with your pastel tones
Start it all again my heart moans.

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