Our New York Hotel & Travel Experiences!


I’ve decided I’m going to break the New York trip down into multiple posts because it’s just a bit easier for you all to read!

So in the first post I told you all about our main reason for going to New York, if you’ve not read that then you can click here to do so.

Today I thought I’d tell you all about where we stayed and how we got there which I’m sure you’d already guessed by the post title but hey you never know!

We flew with Norwegian Air from London Gatwick into JFK and back again, now this might seem a strange choice given that we don’t currently live in London but even with the train fare to London it was still considerably cheaper than flying with the likes of British Airways, Virgin etc from an airport near us.

We went down to London the day before we flew and stayed with some of Jim’s family, it was really nice getting to meet them and of course it was super lovely of them to let us stay too! I’m not sure if they read my blog or not but if they do then thanks again! 🙂

We got a Virgin train from Liverpool Lime Street into London Euston without any problems or anything interesting happening. It’s generally a great service from Lime Street, you can be in London in under 3 hours and if you book your tickets well in advance like we did on TheTrainline.com then you can save a load of money too!

We flew from Gatwick which is such a nice airport, the terminal had so many awesome shops in it, I had to resist the urge to go shopping because I definitely would have broken the one piece of hand luggage only rule quite easily!

As I said we flew with Norwegian Air and I was so impressed with the service, we were on a brand new Boeing Dreamliner, it was comfy there was plenty of entertainment to choose from and the leg room in the economy seats was great too I mean I’m 5”8 and Jim’s like 6”6 so decent leg room is definitely a must for us!

There was so many films to choose from on board including new films like Maleficent and others that I’ve forgotten. I watched Police Academy 1 because I hadn’t seen it in years and I used to love it but I ended up switching it off halfway through because it wasn’t as funny as I remembered. I watched Walk The Line instead, then I listened to some music, they had quite a lot of classical music to choose from and a ton of Jazz too as well as chart music but I didn’t really bother with the chart music because they had Ella Fitzgerald and you just don’t bother with any other music when there’s Ella Fitzgerald on offer.

We took our own food on the flight because I think plane food is always a bit weird.

We landed okay with our luggage and everything and used the Air Train to get from JFK into Manhattan, which is something I genuinely couldn’t have done without Jim because there was a few changes and it was all a bit confusing for me but Jim navigated us perfectly and we were in Manhattan in under an hour and it only cost us around $15 each so it was definitely worth it.

We stayed in the Hotel Pennsylvania which is at 7th & West 34th right across the street from Penn Station which is super handy if you, like us, decide to use the Air Train from JFK. It’s also right across the street from Madison Square Garden like literally directly opposite MSG all we had to do was cross the road! (super handy after all the $10 triples! – if you don’t know what I’m referring to then I’ll put a link to my post about our time at MSG at the bottom or you can click here now)

Also worth noting is the fact that the Empire State Building is 2 blocks away from the hotel and everything else is well within walking distance, but if walking isn’t your thing then the most you’ll pay in a taxi is around $18 which is what we paid when we got a ride back from the financial district and there’s the option of using the subway too with Penn Station being right across the street but apart from getting to and from JFK we didn’t use the subway.

I recommend walking everywhere though I mean it’s the best way to really take in the city.

When we got to the hotel to check in they told us that they didn’t have any of the Penn 5000 suites available for that night (which is the room we’d booked in advance but never mind..) but they put us in a standard room and refunded us for that night so we can’t really complain.

The next day we moved into a Penn 5000 suite and it was so much nicer than the standard room, the bed was massive, it had free wifi, breakfast and a mini fridge and everything just seemed generally more modern than the standard room we’d had on the first night. If you ever stay at the Hotel Penn definitely get a Penn 5000 suite trust me, it’s worth the extra money.

I was going to upload some pictures of the room but when I put them on my computer they don’t actually look that great, but they’ve got a ton of pictures on the website which you can visit by clicking here.

We were really happy with the hotel, I mean it wasn’t perfect but who goes to New York to sit in a hotel? It was clean, directly opposite Madison Square Garden and walking distance to everywhere else and you saw this every time you stepped out of the hotel.

Empire State 1.1

© Charlotte Murray – Me

I mean what more could you want?

We flew home with Norwegian Air (obviously..) but on the way back as we were checking in the lady was starting to explain that they’d over booked the flight so in my head I’m thinking she’s about to tell us we’re not on the flight and I’m getting ready to complain because it was 11:30 at night we’d been walking round all day and I was not in the mood for her to be telling me we weren’t on this flight..

But she didn’t say that..

No, because they’d over booked the flight we were being upgraded to First Class for free!

Even more legroom than the economy seats, free blankets, 2 free meals and as many free drinks as you wanted (both alcoholic and non alcoholic). I’m a bit gutted I slept the entire way home and pretty much missed out on it all!

First Class 1.1

© Charlotte Murray – Me

First Class 2.2

© Charlotte Murray – Me

Both flights with Norwegian Air were absolutely fantastic and I’d highly recommend flying with them!

The train back from Euston was a bit of a drama, when I booked our train home I’d left a little bit too much time between flight and train and we ended up sitting in Euston for 6 hours.. It was grim but hey at least we didn’t miss the train or have to rush I mean lets be honest the tube doesn’t really favour those in a rush does it!

If you saw the post I published whilst we were on the train home you’ll know all about our horrific train experience with Virgin trains but here’s a summary. There was lots of loud drunk men in our carriage that were obnoxiously loud and vulgar the entire way home, the train was packed to the point there was actually people sitting on the floors in the carriages, if there’d been an emergency evacuation they would’ve been trampled for sure. The toilet in our carriage was broken and it absolutely stunk the entire carriage out and the toilet in the next carriage that the drunken men had been using had piss ALL OVER IT. It was a nightmare and definitely not the way I wanted to end my New York trip!

But whatever we had seats, we got home in one piece and nobody died!

So that’s the end of our New York hotel & travel experience! If you’ve got any questions then feel free to comment below or tweet me @MissCharlotteEm and I’ll do my best to answer them!

I promise there’ll be a load more pictures in the rest of my New York posts!

Thanks for reading! xo