New York Favourites + Pictures! PART 3!


Here’s Part 3 of our New York trip favourites! If you’ve not read Part 1 yet please click here and if you’ve not read Part 2 yet then please click here!

Once again all pictures in this post are my own and I apologise if anyone has been inadvertently photographed but it’s impossible to take a picture in New York without somebody getting in your way!

Now let’s carry on with my list..

  • We loved that the shop assistants & waiters / waitresses in every shop / restaurants were super helpful, now I know this probably seems like a strange thing to put on my list of favourites but it’s a rare thing where I’m from to find shop assistants & waiters / waitresses that actually want to help you but in New York everybody seemed to go Above & Beyond (get it? ;)) to be helpful and we really appreciated it so yeah that’s one of our favourite things!

  • Now speaking of helpful shop assistants my next favourite thing about New York is Tiffany’s, we went in twice and on both occasions the staff were really friendly, helpful and informative and it was just so awesome to finally be in the Tiffany’s store and not just drooling over their website! I’ve idolised Tiffany’s ever since I first watched the film Breakfast At Tiffany’s as a child, and yeah I just loved being there and looking around, I got a bit emotional walking around because I knew that Audrey Hepburn had been in that very store and I just love Audrey so much! We bought something from Tiffany’s but I’m not comfortable announcing what it is all over social media, but the staff that helped us pick what we wanted were incredibly helpful from start to finish and yeah it was a really fun experience! If you’re ever in New York you should definitely check Tiffany’s out they have something for every budget and yeah it’s just a really lovely store! Look at how beautifully they wrap everything too!image2

  • image3

  • The next thing on my list of favourites is the Statue of Liberty.. we didn’t do the boat trip and actually go out and see it, neither of us like boats that much and the water was quite rough the day we went but we did sit by the water for a while looking at it and it was so peaceful and chilled on the waterfront, there was hardly anyone around at all and compared to the centre of Manhattan it was SO quiet, it was a nice place to hang out! We walked all the way from our hotel to the waterfront and it took us a while but it was a nice walk because we walked through China Town and the financial district too. A nice enjoyable afternoon really! DSCN3393

  • DSCN3392 DSCN3391

  • Whilst we were walking to the waterfront to see the Statue of Liberty we had the privilege of seeing the new Freedom Tower that they’re building in place of the World Trade Centre and oh my goodness it’s incredible! We also saw the 9/11 Memorial Fountains which was quite an eerie thing to see, knowing that we were standing at the site where all of those people had lost their lives in that dreadful attack was so overwhelming but I was really glad that we got to see it, I mean in a weird way I wanted to pay my respects to the people that died although I didn’t know anyone there, I remember where I was the day it happened and I remember how it shocked the world and how nothing like that had ever really happened in my life up until that point and how it was just so horrific and shocking and I feel like although I wasn’t there it was still a part of my life like I think it’s apart of everyone who was alive at that time’s life so yeah I wanted to pay my respects and I was glad that I got to. It’s a really beautiful tribute too and that’s why the new Freedom Tower and the 9/11 memorial site are on my favourites list. I don’t like what happened but I like how they’ve recovered.



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So there’s 4 more things that I loved about New York! I have one more favourite that I’m actually going to dedicate an entire post too because I loved it that much that I think it deserves it! Can you guess what it is? Read through the other two favourites posts that I’ve done and see if you can see what’s missing!

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