My Special Moment With Alzheimer’s Patient! – Happiness Is Easy!

Hey guys!

This is just a quick post about a really lovely moment that I had today! I’m not sharing this with you to be all like oh look at me look how nice I am I’m sharing it to show you how extremely easy it is to brighten somebody’s day. Especially somebody with Alzheimer’s.

So since it was really sunny today I was sat outside in the grounds of Grandad’s care home with Grandad, he was in his chair and I was sitting on the grass on a blanket. 

It was a very stressful day in terms of grandad’s general mood, but he seemed to be enjoying the sun so we sat outside for ages.

Anyway! After a while a man came to sit with us, he brought his wife over too. His wife has Alzheimer’s and he like me spends all the time he can at the care home.

His wife is the youngest resident in the care home, she’s only 67, she has advanced Alzheimer’s and recently her head has dropped and she’s no longer able to lift it so since she is wheel chair bound due to her broken hip she is permanently staring at her lap.

Because I was sitting on the floor I was at a good angle to talk to her because she could see my face, we were talking for a little about the weather and the flowers. I noticed that she couldn’t see the flowers properly so I picked a little bunch for her and sat back on the floor and gave them to her.

I’ve never seen a smile so big!

She was so happy it’s literally making me cry just thinking about it. I got her to smell the flowers and we talked about the pretty colours and she managed to identify most of the colours but for the entire time we were talking about the flowers she had the biggest smile on her face and that was so amazing to see.

Her husband was really happy to see her smile too and couldn’t stop thanking me.

I didn’t write this post because I want praise, I didn’t even think it was necessary for her husband to thank me, I just wanted to show her the flowers and I did and it made her really happy and that makes me really happy.

I just wanted to show you all how simple it is to make somebody happy and the importance of stimulation like this for Alzheimer’s sufferers.

And for those of you sitting there wondering what my Grandad was doing whilst this was going on. I wasn’t ignoring him, her husband was talking to my Grandad because like my Grandad he was also a carpenter so they have a lot in common and Grandad responds well to that.

I think as well as this showing you how simple it is to make somebody with Alz smile, it also shows the benefits of getting to know the other residents and their families because actually you all become like one big family and that not only makes things more fun for you but it’s nice to know that if there’s a reason you’re not going in to the care home that day you have a ton of friends that are visiting their relatives that will include yours in their activities too.

But seeing her smile like that when I gave her the flowers really was amazing!

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