My Opinions On GCSE Reform & Education In General.

I was inspired to write this post because of a conversation I overheard on the train the other day between two teenage girls, both in school uniforms so I’m assuming they were no older than 16. One of the girls said to her friend “I’d like to have a baby before I leave school, think how cool it’d be being pregnant in class” to which the other replied “Yeah and maybe you’d be able to go on a show like Teen Mom!” both girls then proceeded to squeal with excitement.

That conversation right there is exactly the reason I am in favour of the planned GCSE reform.

I love education, I love learning and I think it’s really important and I hate to generalise but the majority of students coming up through schools now just don’t give a damn about education at all.

It’s 6 years since I took my GCSE’s and looking back I think that the coursework side made it all too easy, students didn’t have to care about education, they could mess around with coursework and scrape through with good grades because actually the teacher has probably written 98% of the coursework for them..

If a teacher announced we’d be spending the lesson doing coursework it generally meant that we’d just be sitting around talking and not doing any work. It also meant that the teachers didn’t have to do any teaching.

From what I remember from around February through until June 80% of the lessons would be focusing on coursework. We were never actually taught anything. The lessons were self taught if you like. Looking back I think this is wrong. You go to school to be taught, that’s the point. You go to be taught things by the teachers that actually looking back got paid an awful lot to do very little.

Taking away coursework and expanding the syllabus to cover more topics, with more teaching is brilliant. Students might actually leave school with a decent education instead of decent grades.

Because lets face it, good grades and a good education are two different things. I know people that left school with A’s and B’s that to be frank are a bit thick really. Coursework allows the less intelligent students to leave school with high grades that actually don’t reflect on their level of education at all.

I mean you have an A in English but you still don’t know the difference between there, their and they’re? You can’t be serious.

This new reform allows the smart students to flourish and instead of leaving with the same grades as the class idiot they will leave with grades that not only reflect on their education but also sets them apart from everybody else.

It really is about time that schools started focusing on education again instead of targets and grades.. 

I especially love the plans for English Literature. Students are to study a full Shakespeare play and 19th Century novel instead of just a passage from each. Not only does that serve to help them towards their final exam but it also expands their knowledge culturally because like it or not literature is an important part of our culture just as much as music or art.

I’m really excited for the future generations! Maybe if we educate children properly we’ll see a lot less Teen Mom and a lot more University Challenge!

As I said the majority of children coming up through schools now don’t care about their education. (that’s certainly true of the area I live in at least) they’re more concerned with growing up too fast and breeding.

I partly blame shows like, The Only Way Is Essex, Geordie Shore and The Valleys for the lack of interest in education. Shows like that are teaching people that it’s okay to be thick. just get drunk all the time, get naked and we’ll make a reality show about you and you’ll be sorted! It’s the same with shows like ‘Teen Mom’ get knocked up at a disgustingly young age and we’ll make a TV show about you. No worries! Don’t even get me started on Honey Boo Boo..

It’s so wrong. Remember when TV shows actually had role models you didn’t mind kids looking up too? When I was growing up role models were people like Lizzie McGuire, Sabrina, Rory Gilmore, you know, the studious type that made working hard in school seem okay? Jane Eyre was also a role model of mine but I realise not everybody was a book worm.

What happened to role models like that? Why do kids suddenly care more about growing up, becoming ‘adults’ and have multiple babies more than they do education? Is this an offshoot of the benefit nation we’re apparently turning in to, has it suddenly become more appealing to sponge off the state and watch Jeremy Kyle all day instead of working hard and earning your own money?!

I despair at today’s teenagers I really do, they make me sad. I just want to sit them all down and make them read Jane Eyre.

I really hope the planned reform goes through and that the new generations of students turn out a lot better than those we’re seeing at the moment.

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