My Final Words Before I Die.. There’s Something You All Should Know..

If you were to die this evening with no opportunity to communicate with anyone, what would you most regret not having told someone? Why haven’t you told them yet?

If I died tonight I’d die safe in the knowledge that I’ve left nothing unsaid. I’ve lost a  total of 11 friends over the last few years, they all died in their late teens early 20’s and that’s given me what I understand to be a relatively unique attitude towards death for a person of my age (and by that I mean my attitude and acceptance of the fact we’re all going to die seems to shock people somewhat.)

Because I’ve lost so many friends so young and even elderly relatives so suddenly I know that you shouldn’t leave things unsaid because you never know when your time is up. So if I feel something I say it there and then, because that’s what I believe you should do. If you say something and then you realise it wasn’t the right thing to say then you can always rectify the situation but it’s better to have at least said it.

In slight contradiction to what I’ve just said you should always think before saying something that may upset, hurt or offend somebody especially when you’re angry. If you’re angry and someone has annoyed you then you should calm down first and then talk to them about it so that you can convey why you’re angry without blurting out all of the hateful things people tend to just throw out in arguments.

But if you love somebody then tell them, in fact, if you love someone and you haven’t told them yet then I demand that you tell them at once! What if YOU die tomorrow and they never know that they were loved by you?

But going back to the question I have nothing that’s left unsaid. so that if I died tonight then I’d have no regrets and nothing I wish I’d said, except maybe thank you to all of my friends and family and you my readers for sticking by me through thick and thin. But I say thank you a lot anyway like I always do my best to let people know that I appreciate them, but if I could pick my final words they’d definitely be Thank You and I Love You All.

This is my answer to Question Three from the 1987 edition of The Book Of Questions by Gregory Stock Ph.D, to find out more about The Book Of Questions and why I’m doing this series click here.

Now I want to know.. If you died tonight what would you regret not telling people? Comment down below or tweet me @MissCharlotteEm and tell me!

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