Maybe Ignorance Is Bliss? – News Free World

So I was just catching up on my YouTube subscriptions and saw a video by Wayne Goss (gossmakeupartist gossmakeupchat) talking about how he doesn’t watch the news anymore because its all doom and gloom.

You can watch Wayne’s video here.

It got me thinking anyway.

I watch the news at least once a day and I read multiple newspapers daily as well, on top of the news updates I get via social media.

I’m news hungry. I like to keep up to date with current affairs, even though these days there’s scarcely anything positive happening.

Every bit of news is either about how there’s been another murder on our streets, various other crimes, the state of the UK economy with a daily recap on the governments f*ck ups or a new terror threat from somewhere else on this messed up planet, or just mindless celebrity gossip.

It never cheers me up, I never feel better after catching up on the news in fact most of the time the news terrifies and really upsets me.

I don’t know why I bother reading / watching it really.

I think Wayne is onto something in his video when he says he doesn’t actively seek news but he’s still up to date with it all.

What if we all stopped watching the news? Would the world suddenly become a happier place because we wouldn’t all be carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders?

I think some news is important, it’s good to stay up to date so you don’t become completely ignorant. But then again maybe ignorance IS bliss?

I’d hate to be completely ignorant to whats going on outside of my little bubble of life but I sure would like to live in a doom and gloom free world.

I don’t know, what do you guys think?

This is a bit of a ramble but Wayne’s video made me think so I thought I’d think in blog form!

Comment down below or tweet me @MissCharlotteEm let’s discuss this! xo

PS: you can check both of Wayne’s awesome YouTube channels out by clicking the two links below.



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