Life Is Made Up Of Small Moments Like These..

So last weekend as I’m sure most of you (certainly those of you that follow me on Twitter) know was Jim’s birthday and to celebrate we went down to London with some friends for ABGT050. For those of you that don’t know it was a live recording of the 50th Episode of Group Therapy which is a podcast by Above and Beyond, it was live from Alexandra Palace in London with about 10,000 people there.

It was quite possibly the best gig I’ve ever been to, if you can call it a gig? I never know if events involving DJ’s are classed as gigs or just AMAZING nights out but either way Saturday 26th October 2013 was an incredible night.

Before I carry on waffling let me please just say thank you to every single one of you that retweeted my tweet asking for Jim to get a birthday mention in the podcast, I think at my last look there was about 10,000 retweets on that which is just amazing, really it is. He didn’t get his birthday mention but I just want to say thank you so much anyway because I really didn’t expect so many of you to retweet it! You guys really are amazing!

Going back to last Saturday though, I loved every second of it. I realise declaring that it was the best gig ever is a big statement from a girl that has seen Elton John, Rod Stewart, The ORIGINAL Black Sabbath line up and Aerosmith to name but a few of the many greats but when the venue, the crowd and the music are all awesome and you look back at the night and you don’t have a single complaint you know it was the best.

I get claustrophobic in big crowds, I always get pushed over or trodden on when mosh pits break out near me especially when the venue is small and it’s all a bit cramped and sweaty. But that didn’t happen at ABGT050 there was room to dance and actually enjoy myself and that’s exactly what I did!

This is probably going to sound ridiculous but Saturday night reminded me what life is about. It’s about living. Something I haven’t been doing a lot of these last few years since I was caring for my grandparents and also more recently since I’ve been working neither of which I resent however I’ve not made much time for my life and doing the things I love to do and just enjoying myself more so I’ve made a pact with myself to make the most of every opportunity I get to have fun and more importantly to make more opportunities for fun. I want to make sure that when I’m old and in a care home that I have a ton of incredible memories, even if I end up forgetting them all at least while I can still remember them I’ll know I did that and I did it because I wanted to, because it was fun because I lived my life.

I really don’t want to just exist anymore, you know? Let’s do things! Let’s all go on one great adventure together!

I know it sounds absurd but last weekend got me excited for life again, it reminded me that life is made up of small moments like ABGT050.

Despite the fact I’ve been full of flu all week I feel really good at the moment, really positive, ready for the adventure.

I know that’s probably all really lame and whatever but hey it’s my blog & those are my feelings so you’ll just have to deal with it!


I’m really sorry for all of you that tweeted asking for a meet up that night I didn’t really think it through beforehand and by the time it had dawned on me how awesome that would’ve been it was too late to proceed with it! The next event like that I’ll be at is hopefully going to be the Ministry of Sound New Years Eve party so maybe we can organise something for then!

Anyway I love you all immensely you’re all beautiful incredible people and I’m grateful for each and every one of you!

A super huge massive thank you to Above & Beyond for last Saturday night also thanks to Andrew Bayer, Arty, Boom Jinx, Guy J & Jody for putting on an amazing show alongside Above & Beyond.

If you haven’t heard of Above & Beyond and you want to hear what all the fuss over last Saturday is about head on over to iTunes and download the FREE Above & Beyond Group Therapy podcasts including all 5 of the ABGT050 podcasts (recorded live at Alexandra Palace last week!)

Were you there? What did YOU think? Comment down below, tweet me @MissCharlotteEm or head over to the new Facebook page and let me know!

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