I’m Sorry Baby..You Were The Sun And The Moon To Me..I’ll Never Get Over You..

Just kidding we’re not breaking up you guys mean too much to me! I’m just incredibly in love with Above & Beyond right now after last weekend.. and well I am sorry too but hey READ ON!

So last Saturday I put out a spam alert telling you all I was about to inundate you with posts and then I didn’t post again all week.. Well this is embarrassing..

But here’s what happened.

I was on the train to London, I think I mentioned that in my spam alert, and I after my first post I lost all signal so I couldn’t upload anything else, when we got to London things got more than a bit mental and I had NO time at all to blog. When I got home on Monday I was too damn lazy to do anything and then I got sick and spent the entire week full of flu feeling incredibly sorry for myself.

I’m sorry for not delivering the spam I promised but hey would you like some posts now instead?

Stay tuned if you would, I’m going to upload a post about last weekend and I’m also going to make a big announcement too! So stay tuned, I’m sitting at my laptop with full Wi-Fi, I’m not tired, I don’t have to be anywhere, I promise posts will follow this one.. Okay?!

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