I’m Recording A Charity Single?!

Ha just kidding!

I have been raising money for charity with music though!

We’re in the middle of shooting the pictures for a thrift store haul post I’m [hopefully] going to publish tomorrow.

But I just wanted to put a quick post up and have a ramble..

My thrift haul is all records that I bought today in one of my local charity shops.

People turn their noses up at thrift / charity shops but you know what? Those places are an absolute treasure chest of amazing things at times!

I got some truly awesome records today, 15 of them in total and all together they cost around £20!

I love listening to my records and over this years I’ve picked up some truly fantastic ones in charity shops!

I estimate that around 40% of my record collection has been bought in charity shops, 20% of my records are ones I’ve inherited from my parents / grandparents and the other 40% is stuff that I’ve bought from record shops or new from the likes of HMV or Amazon.

So I’m just sitting here listening to them, getting the photographs done for the haul post and I just felt like having a ramble about how awesome charity shops can be!

I mean I added more awesome records to my collection today and I helped charity out too!

The charity store from today was Age UK but I’ve bought records from a lot of different ones over the years and they’re all incredible!

I honestly recommend having a wander around your local charity stores! Who knows what you’ll find!

I should probably stop rambling now and get back to finishing the thrift post..