I’m Not Alright – Poem

Just having one of those days.. 

I’m Not Alright

I’m tired of saying I’m alright
I cry my eyes out every night
Not that you even realise
With my every breath I despise
This world for how it treats them all
Hear me now, hear my call
Begging you to make it stop
Another friend gone like flies they drop
Sweet earth, have mercy on their souls
Give them back their lives and goals
Don’t let it be over for them yet
Grant me this wish and I shall not forget.

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    1. misscharlotteem says: Author

      Aw I’m sorry I never intended to make you feel sad! I’d tell a joke or something to cheer you up but it might make you sadder because joke telling is not a skill I possess unfortunately haha.

  1. I’m sorry. I just lost two family members three weeks ago . . . 5 days a part. And I was very, very close to them. I can say that it hurts, and the sting of grief will always be in your chest- but remember the life they lived and the memories they left.

    Go on Youtube and type in, “Michael Lee, Pass On.”

    That poem really helped me get through the first week after the funerals.

    <3 Stay strong, my dear. And I know it's tough and I'm not saying it out of cliche' – but I do really mean it.

    1. misscharlotteem says: Author

      I’m sorry to hear about your family members. Thank you so much for you kind words. That is a truly lovely poem, thank you for recommending it to me! Take care of yourself <3

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