I’m Back From New York!


I know it’s not been that long since I last posted but it feels like an eternity! I’m on the train on the way back from London, it’s been a long day.. We left New York at 23:00 last night (NY Time) and we landed at Gatwick at 10:30 (UK Time) it’s now 21:07 UK time and we’re only just on the train from Euston. It’s been a looooong day!

I had an incredible time in New York though, I definitely needed the break!

It gave me time to reflect on stuff too, I feel really quite sad to be returning to the North West. I feel like nothing happens where I’m from, it’s a nice place but it’s so slow and sleepy. I want to live somewhere like New York or London and I’m sure if you’ve been around for a while you’ll know that already but I’ve decided now I’m done saying I’m going to do things and then not actually doing them, I’m moving, I’m going to do everything I can to make it happen.

I can’t describe how sad I feel sitting here on this train, the entire train is full of the worst examples of people from where I live and frankly I don’t want to live near people like this anymore, every city has its twats I know but I just ugh I can’t even describe it.

I want more from life, I want adventure I want to see the world and actually live not exist.

Not to say that all people from where I live just exist they don’t, but a lot do.

The people on this train have almost reduced me to tears though that’s how badly I don’t want to go back there. Do any of you ever feel like that?

Maybe this is just a case of grass is always greener but whatever I’m going in search of adventure and somewhere more fun to live and I’m taking you lot with me!

New York really was incredible, I’ve had the best week of my entire life! I’ll put a blog post up about that later on / over the weekend when I’ve slept. I just felt like having a ramble right now.

How are you all? What’s new with you?

That’s all for now, check back over the weekend for my New York post + pics!

I’m back and I’m ready to blog!

I love you all! xo