This is the first of TWO big announcements that I’m going to make tonight (January 2nd 2014)

On January 24th I’m heading down to London to interview BOOM JINX!

He’s playing the Ministry of Sound 2014 Gallery opening on Friday 24th January along with Super8 & Tab, Jaytech and a whole load of other awesome people!

I’m heading down to MoS that night and I’ll also be interviewing Boom Jinx whilst I’m there!

Many of you saw him at ABGT050 back in October 2013 with Above & Beyond, and since then I’ve noticed a lot of you talking about how awesome he is and how much you enjoyed his set and how you’re loving exploring his music more, especially those of you that didn’t know much about him prior to ABGT050.. so because I love to spoil you all rotten and you’re all fucking amazing I thought hey let’s interview Boom Jinx and introduce you all to him properly!

I’m so excited for this interview, and the night in general too, every night out at Ministry of Sound is always incredible (NYE anyone?!) but with a line up like the 24th has it’s just going to be 1000 x more awesome!

Anyway since so many of you love Boom Jinx I thought I’d give you the opportunity to submit some questions for him if you have any! I’ll pick the best ones so make them good!

And if you’re wondering who Boom Jinx is here’s a Soundcloud link to the Boom Jinx End Of The Year mix for AfterHours.FM

I’ve listened to it continuously since Boom Jinx shared it on Facebook earlier tonight it’s fantastic!

I’m going to shut up about how awesome Boom Jinx is now! If you want to find out more about him then read my interview with him later on this month!

Submit your questions for Boom Jinx in the contact form below or tweet me them @MissCharlotteEm! Or you know do both!

Of course none of this would be at all possible for me without you lot and your amazing support.. I really can’t thank you all enough!

Stick around for my second big announcement that will shortly follow this post!