Headspace Take 10 – Final Review!

Hey guys!

Okay so you know I started doing daily reviews of Headspace Take 10? Well I wrote them all out and after day four all of the reviews sounded the same so I thought rather than bore you all with six more posts of the same thing I’d compile it all into one review and wrap my Headspace reviews up in this post.

This app is BRILLIANT!

I really have enjoyed listening to it and I’ve definitely found after I decided to use it more in the day time than at night that it really did help me to relax, especially if I was having a particularly bad day.

I love that it’s just breathing exercises, you don’t have to stand on your head or make funny noises, you don’t have to become a tree or anything strange, all you do is breathe!

The Take 10 programme and the app itself are free but I believe you have to pay something like four pounds a month to access the other programmes. I’m seriously considering checking them out but I’m afraid that they may not be as good as Take 10 so I’m a little undecided about that.

But I highly recommend the Take 10 app to anybody who wants to relax, who’s maybe been put off by meditating in the past or somebody who is just starting out on their meditation journey.

It’s an app for everybody and it’s free! It’s available from Apple and Android app store. 

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed testing this app out and I know a lot of you who have been trying it with me have really enjoyed it too!

If you want to find out more about Headspace visit their website getsomeheadspace.com

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This isn’t a sponsored post.

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