Guardian Of Secrets – Poem

Are you good at keeping secrets? Can you see something and never speak of it again?

This poem was inspired by a walk through the woods. I love nature it’s amazing.

Think how amazing it would be if trees could talk? I mean the majority of the trees in the woods by my house are over one and two hundred years old. Can you imagine how many things these trees have seen?

If trees could talk they would probably make excellent witnesses to all sorts of crimes, but it’s not just about the negative things they’ve seen, think of all of the amazing things they’ve seen too.

Oh how I wish trees could talk!

One day maybe, who knows?

Anyway this isn’t supposed to be nonsensical ramblings, it’s a poetry post!

So here it is!

The Guardian Of Secrets.

All the things you must see
All the things you must know
All the people that come
All the people that go
Tell me your secret oh mighty oak
What have you seen?
What do you know?
You are the guardian of secrets
The only one that has seen it all
What secrets must be hidden
In the autumn leaves that fall.

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