Flying To New York With Zombies


So I’m lying in bed unable to sleep because it’s just hit me that one week from TODAY I’m going to New York! It’s crazily exciting and it’s just hit me and now I’m like OMG.

I’m a bit panicky if I’m honest, suddenly the thought of a long flight terrifies me and I’m also worrying that I won’t be ready in time!

It’s weird, we’ve been planning this holiday since March / April time and obviously it was ages away and now I just sort of feel like it’s crept up on us all of a sudden!

I haven’t even started packing, I don’t have a dress for ABGT100 yet and I’ve got so much stuff to sort out before I go!

I need to figure out what I’m going to do with my blog whilst I’m away, I know I’ll definitely post all about New York when I’m back but as for whilst I’m there I guess it depends on whether or not the hotel has good WiFi and how much free time we have. I’ll make no promises, if I post whilst I’m there then bonus but if I don’t well I never promised I would! 😛

I hate knowing I have loads of stuff to do and suddenly realising I don’t have that much time to do it in though.. It’s the worst.

I guess I should probably stop rambling nonsense in this post and try and sleep again so that I can be semi functioning tomorrow.

I’m too excited though! I’m panicky about the flight and not being prepared but oh my god I’m excited!!

It’s weird that I’m nervous about flying I’ve NEVER been nervous about flying, my Dad lives in France so flying is something I do a lot! The flight from London – New York is like 8 hours though so that’s definitely the longest flight I’ve ever done. I’m probably panicking because I’m thinking too much. + ugh 8 hours breathing in everyone’s germs and viruses. Yuck!

Ugh I’ve just made myself feel worse!

I can’t believe I’m going to New York though I’ve wanted to go for so long and now it’s finally happening!

Have you ever been to New York / Are you from New York? What’s your favourite thing to do there?

I thought a bit of word vomit might get it all out of my system so I can sleep but I don’t think it’s worked, I’m more excited and panicky than I was before haha..

I honestly feel like this is going to be the best trip ever, I’m going with Jim, to an amazing city to see some of the best DJs around right now, what could be better than that?!

But I also honestly feel like if I don’t get to sleep soon I’ll be a zombie tomorrow and well this just isn’t the time to be a zombie!

Unlucky Zombie!

Good night!

Thanks for reading my late night word vomit, it’s probably not the best post I’ve ever written but it’s 2:41am and I can’t sleep so it really isn’t the time for perfection!

I apologise as well if there’s any random words in this post, I’m on my phone and iOS 8 keeps trying to finish my sentences and it just doesn’t know me well enough yet so it gets things wrong. I did proof read but it’s nearly 3am I’ve probably missed some!

I love you all!

Charlotte xo