Defining My Music Taste?!

I recently started a series on my blog called Music Monday, if you’re not familiar with it then please click here to read the post that tells you all about it! Basically though I have an ever growing record collection (currently I have 345) and I’ve catalogued them all and given them each a code, each week I pick a code at random and write about which ever album corresponds to the code I picked.

So far we’ve had albums by; Emmylou Harris, Faces, Culture Club, Ella Fitzgerald, The Wombles, St Winifred’s School Choir and a Christmas Compilation!

My music taste has always been a subject of great debate amongst my readers, you’ve always tried to define it and never really succeeded haha. There’s been a resurgence in recent weeks in light of the Music Monday posts of people trying to categorise my music taste and so I thought I’d do a quick post about it to hopefully clarify things…

I don’t have a genre specific music taste, I love all genres of music.

That statement “I love all genres of music” isn’t something I’m saying so you’ll think I’m cool and quirky, I’m saying it because it’s true.

If you were to come and visit me one day I could be listening to classical music, the next I’ll have heavy metal playing, Jazz the next day, country, pop, then one day you’ll come round and I’ll be listening to original recordings of aboriginal music, traditional Indian folk music, African tribal music and then the next day you’ll come round and I’ll be yodelling along to Jimmie Rodgers!

I love music, I love exploring music, finding music that I’ve not heard before genres I didn’t even know existed.

I struggle to describe my music taste to people I mean where do you start?

I can’t describe my music taste adequately but I hope that I can show you through my Music Monday posts.

At the end of the day though does it really matter? I love music why does that need to belong to a category? Why can’t I love all music?

That’s a rant for another day though I guess!

I love you all and I love that you take such a keen interest in my music taste!

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Charlotte xo



      1. I’ve been raised on r&b, soul music and hip hop so that tends to be what I gravitate towards, but music is such a broad thing – I like to be able to dip in and out of everything really 🙂

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