Day Two of Headspace – Review / Feedback

This is just a quick post about Day Two of Headspace

If you don’t have any idea what I’m talking about then please read this post first..

If you haven’t read Day One yet then you can read that here!

Day Two is pretty much the same as day one as far as what the programme involves.

I really enjoyed it again and it definitely relaxed me however I didn’t sleep so well last night but I put that down to the fact the weather was mental and the wind and the rain were so loud it kept me awake for hours.

When I did finally fall asleep I had a series of strange / slightly scary dreams so although I did sleep I didn’t wake up feeling all that rested to be honest.

I just listened to Day 2 again before I started writing this and it definitely does relax me a little bit!

So far Headspace is not a miracle cure for insomnia but then it has never once to my knowledge claimed to be.

I’m really looking forward to trying Day 3 out later!

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Note this isn’t a sponsored post, just an insomniac trying to sleep!

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