Christmas Party Photos! – Blogmas Day 8!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post my littlest sister is over visiting at the moment!

Her and my dad are going back to France tomorrow morning so tonight we had a little party to celebrate Christmas! We had a teddy bear Christmas party too because well Teddy bears deserve to celebrate Christmas too right?!

I promised my little sister that id put these pictures on my blog because she reads it every day even though she’s 9 but being French she can’t understand a lot of what I write so I thought it’d be nice for her to see her teddy bears on my blog instead of lots of English she can’t understand!

So guys and gals for Blogmas day 8 I present to you! A Teddy’s Christmas party! Be warned it did get a little bit messy towards the end but then.. Doesn’t every good Christmas party?!








I love my little sister lots and I think it’s adorable that she reads my blog even though she doesn’t understand it so I just wanted to do a little something for her!

I have my Christmas party with work on Friday (13th December) I highly expect that the pictures from that night will look pretty much exactly like these!

Have you had your Christmas party yet? Any embarrassing photos or stories? Comment down below, tweet me @MissCharlotteEm or comment on the new Facebook page and share them with us!


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