Broken Heart Restored – Poem

So I recently had my first poem published in an Anthology which is available in stores.

The anthology is called Aspects Of Love – Edited By Donna Samworth

I’m really excited that this has been published as it’s a great lead up to my anthology that I hope to release later on this year.

The poem that was published in the anthology is one of my favorite ones that I’ve written so I thought I’d share it with you all today.

The poem is called Broken Heart Restored.

Laughing, Loving, Living.
you were always giving.
Only once did you take, 
you took my heart and made it break.

For weeks after i did weep, 
The future seemed so very bleak
Until a better love came along
one that can be found in many a song.

I’ve been in love with it before, 
and now my faith it does restore.
No matter where i may be, 
It’ll always be right with me.

It makes me laugh it makes me cry
never leaves me asking why.
Forever faithful it shall be.
Always together music and me.

Thanks for reading. xo


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