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Here it is! The post you’ve all been waiting for.. my interview with the awesome DJ, Boom Jinx!

For those of you that don’t know who Boom Jinx is then welcome to planet earth, the year is 2014 and he is one of the hottest DJ’s around right now!

I had the absolute pleasure of catching up with Boom Jinx not so long ago, I got to ask him all about his new album ‘No Answers In Luck’ and a lot more besides!

I’d like to take the opportunity now to thank Boom Jinx for his time and patience with this interview, honestly he really is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, and yes ladies he looks just as good if not better in person too! 😉

If you want to learn more about who Boom Jinx is or if you’re just looking for something to listen too then click here and it’ll open his soundcloud page in a new tab! You can listen to his music whilst you’re reading! I recommend listening to Podcast 13!

Now without further ramblings from me here’s the interview! Enjoy!

Charlotte: As you know I do a lot to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. Music has a really powerful effect on people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias; it can relax them, alter their moods dramatically, trigger memories for them, it seems to spark something in a sufferers brain that for lack of a better expression brings them back to ‘our world’ even if just for the few minutes whilst the song plays. The songs that the sufferers relate to the best are the ones that have meant something to them during their life time. It’s not just people with Alzheimer’s that music can have this affect on though, it can affect people like you and me too, so with all that in mind do you have any special songs that take you back to memories or places or that instantly lift your mood every time you hear them?

Boom Jinx: Kind of. “Evolution” by an Icelandic band known as Mezzoforte springs to mind. It’s not for everyone but it does mean a lot to me personally. There are some transitions and harmonic solutions in that track that send shivers up my spine. I’m a huge fan of Pat Metheny (and his key wiz, Lyle Mays)… songs like “Letter From Home”, “The Road To You”, “In Her Family”, “First Circle” etc. “Gone Forever” by Ulrich Schnauss has a very special place in my heart. I was listening a lot to that while going through a divorce so it awakens some powerful memories. A lot of Vangelis, and especially Antonio Carlos Jobim — the godfather of Bossa Nova — but I can’t really remember names of specific songs right now.

If I had to go with something instantly recognizable? “I wanna rock with you… all night…” Oh Michael…

Charlotte: Did any of the early stuff you were listening too influence your music now?

Boom Jinx: Very much so. Michael Jackson, Samantha Fox, Bros, Living in A Box, Kate Bush, and George Michael. The kind of music I remember first getting caught up in was pop!

Michael Jackson was probably my biggest influence though. He was an important part of my music upbringing and as unbelievable as it might sound, I cried when news got out that he had passed away. His life was a tragedy. The most famous man alive and he seemed to be living in hell outside the world of music. I don’t think he ever got the chance to grow up and he died long before he should have.

I didn’t buy into the accusations that he was a paedophile. I felt like he probably looked to kids for company, some kind of companionship to compensate for a lost childhood. Getting kids drunk and sexually abusing them? Really? It doesn’t take a genius to suspect he was very, very lonely.

Charlotte: It’s such a shame because he was a talented man, like a genuinely talented man wasn’t he?

Boom Jinx: Hell yeah! I think his career and some of his creative flow got derailed when he was getting so much bad PR at some point. He was booked for a one billion dollar sold out tour, had a full health checkup and was good to go, then he overdosed on prescription drugs! It’s a tragic tale for a King.

Anyways, besides my early admiration for that era of pop stars I started to go into this new age stuff which I thought was a weird transition. I’m talking about stuff like Jean Michael Jarre and Vangelis and then after that I suddenly fell in love with more jazzy stuff. I had a good ten year period where most of what I was listening to was contemporary jazz and fusion.

Charlotte: Okay, So it’s well documented that the name Boom Jinx was one you picked off a list of names offered to you by a Dutch man, what made you pick Boom Jinx?

Boom Jinx: It came down to two choices from a list of five names. The other name I liked was Acrobeatic. I thought it was pretty clever at the time but somewhere in the back of my mind. I felt it came with an obligation to be constantly “beats-y,” if that makes any sense. A lot of my music is not necessarily that focused on beats so I didn’t want to be restricted by a name like that. On the other hand, the reason that I fell in love with the name “Boom Jinx” is because I’ve never considered myself lucky in life. Everything I’ve achieved in my career boils down to hard work. I have no education and grew up without a so-called mentor to show me how to do things so I had to teach myself. I guess you could say I feel luck has never been an ingredient of the “Boom,” haha. In a nutshell, Boom Jinx just seemed to fit and describe who I am.

Charlotte: So that explains the name of your new album then ‘No Answers In Luck’? 

Boom Jinx: That’s exactly why I chose that title. Whatever the results may be, luck had nothing to do with it.

Charlotte: So how is the album coming along?

Boom Jinx: Well, after 4 to 5 years — with more than a handful of OCD — it’s now about 95% finished. The track list and all the tracks on the album are basically finished, so we are talking mostly polish. I did three of the most important tracks with Meredith Call after we were about to call it a day. I say “important” because they are more dance-friendly than a lot of the other stuff I had already wrapped up, giving the album a good overall balance. We actually had to delay the album to take out some of the older stuff and make room for these three.

To finish the production for the album there are three final tracks I’m polishing which are quite different. One of them is actually based on a massive film score idea. Imagine it being along the lines of the music that came from the film ‘Inception.’ This track was custom written for me by Thomas J. Bergersen, a friend of mine who is one half of the enormously successful Two Steps From Hell. They recently performed at the Disney Concert Hall. This is also a man who has worked with Hans Zimmer on movies like Pirates of the Caribbean. He’s contributed strings and other orchestral elements on several tracks on the album. I can’t even imagine what it would cost to get those parts done if we weren’t such great friends. I’m very, very lucky to know him.

With these tracks becoming finalized, the release date for the album is going to be aimed at May or June and we’re working to do this without any more delays!

Charlotte: Are there any surprises on the album?

Boom Jinx: YES! I have been making music for the better part of the last 23 years and I didn’t even release EDM until 2005. The album will show who I really am musically. It’s a lot more than what people associate with me stylistically. I think the album will be much more diverse in style than people expect it to be. There’s just so much more to Boom Jinx than people know yet, and I can’t wait to show them! 

Charlotte: Is there any Jazz on the album?! 

Boom Jinx: Well there are some lounge and chill out tracks with heavy jazz influences on it for sure but I couldn’t say it’s full on jazz. Some people have said that all my stuff has a little jazz influence to it. Some tracks more than others. My favorite reference to my own music was when a Russian friend said “there’s always something romantic in your music.

Charlotte: So I’ve read in other interviews and heard you talk a lot about how you love Jazz and obviously you’re a Jazz a pianist would you ever consider making a full Jazz album?

Boom Jinx: As much as I love jazz and am inevitably influenced by it, I’m not good enough to be a jazz musician per se. I don’t like doing anything I can’t do really, really well. I’m extremely self-critical to the point it can be a bit much at times, setting sky high standards to always live up to. Perhaps a complex I have, never truly being happy with anything I do. On the upside, you do work very hard to get the best results possible. I know the pursuit of perfection is irrational. There’s no such thing as perfection after all! So I would never attempt at making a full-fledged jazz album. I’m perfectly happy making jazz influenced music as it is. I prefer to stick to what I do best.

Charlotte: I guess that’s the best way to be though?

Boom Jinx: Being a perfectionist has its benefits but it can be a bit stressful to always put that much pressure on yourself. It also means I’m not on the list of people who work too fast. I certainly can if I have to and God knows I often have. To compensate I have to make compromises and feel that I’m only getting away with it because of many years of experience.

We can understand that I prefer quality over quantity in most cases. I’m semi-obsessed with detail and have put a lot of time into my sound design and sound engineering skills over the years. When well-known people ask me for help with, say, mixing or mastering, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that feels great. Little do they know that it’s first and foremost done for myself. Let’s call it an inescapable self-criteria. *smiles*

Charlotte: What will happen to the tracks that you said were taken off the album to make room for the others? Will we ever get to hear them?

Boom Jinx: They’ll probably be released as bonus tracks, upload them to SoundCloud, or just put them aside for the next album. Some of them were custom album versions of previously released tracks. We wanted to make room for more brand new, never-before-heard material.

Charlotte: You mentioned there that you didn’t start making EDM until 2005, you started out in the early 90s making soundtracks for video games, television, advertisements and films. What made you transition into EDM?

Boom Jinx: I think I just wanted, maybe even needed, the occasional pat on the back in order to feel that someone positively recognized my work. I had made music for a big European commercial campaign that was exposed to tens of millions of people and, with the exception of my employer, I realized that nobody really cared about the music. After years of writing music for commercial media I decided that I would much rather see a handful of people truly enjoying what I do. The results of that decision have been very gratifying and motivating. It brings true joy to my heart to see, read, or hear that my music is having a positive impact on people.

Charlotte: Do you still make soundtracks / do any work away from the EDM scene? 

Boom Jinx: Very much so. I just scored some music for a major motion picture. Prior to that, I worked on a big sample library, wrote music for an Arab TV show, a handful of music for film trailers etc. Needless to say, I’ve been blessed to always have work available, both in and out of the dance music industry. But right now I’m focusing my main efforts on completing ‘No Answers In Luck’.

Charlotte: Will you be touring any time soon?

Boom JinxI’m currently on tour in the U.S. The Anjunabeats pool party in Miami is up next. Looking forward to playing alongside so many greats, seeing old and new friends, meeting industry associates and chilling out in the sunshine.

Once again I’d like to thank Boom Jinx for his time and patience with this interview, it was an absolute honour getting to work with him and I wish him SO much luck for his new album! Not that he needs it.. cause There’s No Answers In Luck right? Right?!

I promise never to make that joke again.

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