Boom Jinx, Jaytech + Super8 & Tab In Honolulu + WIN Anjuna merch!

Hey guys!

If you’re in Honolulu, Hawaii on Sunday February 16th head on down to The Republik and catch Boom Jinx, Jaytech and Super8 & Tab there!

I know a lot of people were sad that they couldn’t be at the Ministry of Sound show so I just wanted to do a quick post telling you all about this show!

Tickets are 20$ and you can by them from this website (click here). Doors open 9pm, You have to be 18+ to dance and 21+ to drink. But if you’re in the area and are able to attend I highly recommend that you go If it’s anything like the night at MoS it’ll be AMAZING!


If you go to the show write a review and email it to me:, the best reviews will be featured on my blog but as well as being featured you’ll be sent an awesome Anjuna goodie bag too!

Closing date for submissions is Sunday February 23rd!

If you go have an amazing time! But please stay safe! Don’t accept drinks off strangers no matter how nice they seem and please be careful with who what where when and how you buy your sweets for the night, don’t take anything you’re unsure about and under no circumstances should you feel pressured into taking anything at all if you don’t want too! It’s okay to say no!

If you’re not going.. Well that’s okay cause I’m not either so we’ll just have our own party, yeah?!

That’s all I wanted to say really..

Tweet me @MissCharlotteEm, come say hi! Tell me whose set you’re most looking forward too if you’re going.m and if you’re not going tell me who you’d like to see most! ๐Ÿ™‚ xo