Blogmas Day 7 – More Festive Family Time!


Welcome to Blogmas Day Seven!

For today’s post I thought I’d tell you all about the festive weekend I’ve just had with my Dad and littlest sister who have been visiting from France!

The Friday was spent visiting family members that we only really see when Dad is home, we took flowers to the graves of dead relatives and just generally had quite a family orientated day swapping Christmas presents and catching up!

It was also Grandad’s 80th Birthday so although that’s not technically a festive thing there was a Christmas sing-a-long in the nursing home on his birthday with a lady dressed up as Mrs Claus singing well known songs and carols, we took part in that for a little bit with Grandad so that was nice. It’s lovely to see the nursing home actually making the effort and doing things like that because generally speaking Alzheimer’s wards can get left out during the festive season, so it was really nice seeing them gather everybody together like that.

I went Christmas shopping to Liverpool with my Dad on the Saturday, we had a wander round the shops and just soaked up a bit of the Christmas atmosphere which to be honest I feel like Liverpool City Centre is really lacking in this year! The lights are pale and uninteresting and I don’t know it just didn’t have that spark that it normally does.. But regardless of that we had a lovely day out, I got to spend some time with my Dad and we had a good catch up.

We had a family Christmas meal / Sunday lunch in the Adelphi in Liverpool City Centre on the Sunday (well duh, you don’t have Sunday lunch on a Saturday do you..) We saw more family that we don’t get to see very often and it was just a lovely couple of hours!

In the evening we had a little ‘party’ in the house, we have this tradition every year when one or both of the kids come to visit we have like a buffet style tea on the Sunday and we get a ton of crackers because kids love pulling them and we just have family time.

This year as it was Sabrina’s last Christmas visit for a few years due to her going to high school next year and not being able to get time out to visit so easily (also the reason my other sister Lily no longer comes at Christmas) we had a special party and my Nan went a bit overboard and bought something crazy like 40 crackers which of course Sabrina loved! It was Dad’s Birthday that day too so the party was a little bit for him as well, but mostly for Sabrina! πŸ™‚


We had a blast, it was great getting to see them both, a shame Lily couldn’t come and it’s so sad that Sabrina won’t be coming again at Christmas for a few years!

It was just lovely getting to spend some family time with them you know? I don’t see them all that often so weekends like this mean loads to me.

I feel like this was a bit of a personal post that maybe won’t be interesting to everybody but it’s my blog and this was my festive family weekend! This post also leads on to some other Blogmas posts that I have planned so it’ll serve as a bit of background for them!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, if you didn’t then that’s okay too there’s lots of other blogs out there for you to read, my friend Katie just started blogging again over on so maybe go and check her blog out instead it might interest you more! πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!

Charlotte xo