Blogmas Day 7 – Liverpool At Christmas!

Hey Guys!

I know I’ve been really rubbish with Blogmas but I haven’t wanted to blog for the last few days as a mark of respect for Madiba dying because he really was one of my biggest heroes and it seems so surreal to me that he’s dead. It really is a massive loss for humanity but long may his legacy go on!

This weekend my Dad has been over visiting me and my grandparents (as I’m sure you know he lives in France with my two little sisters and his wife.) he brought my littlest sister Sabrina (aged 9) with him and we’ve just had a lovely Christmassy weekend visiting family and doing Christmassy thing!

This afternoon we went and had lunch in the Adelphi in Liverpool city centre and then I took Sabrina to see the Liverpool Christmas market and also the lights! I get suckered every year by the Christmas market and end up spending a fortune, this year was no exception!

I’d do a haul but I’m lying in bed writing this and I can’t really be bothered getting up to take photos..

Here’s some pictures of some of the Christmas lights though if you’re interested. Apparently they were designed by somebody that decorates ‘celebrity’ houses and that means this years lights were going to be spectacular and amazing and well they weren’t as good as the publicity for the lights made out but here you go!







What are the Christmas lights like in your town? Let me know! Comment below, tweet me @MissCharlotteEm or comment on the new Facebook page

Merry Blogmas Everyone!


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