Blogger Problems – Hilarious Things Brands Have Said…


Today I thought I’d do a bit of a fun post talking about some of the ridiculous and at times hilarious things brands have emailed me.

I’d just like to say that if you recognise yourself in this post I mean no genuine offence it’s just that you made me laugh. I won’t name and shame brands so don’t even message me asking for it, it won’t happen!

As a blogger I get sent a lot of emails from brands and companies that want me to promote their stuff. I get a lot of emails from readers wanting me to promote their blogs and musicians wanting me to promote their music too but this post is mainly about stuff brands and companies have said.

  1. This is definitely the funniest brand encounter I’ve ever had, this company wrote to me asking ME to send them money to review their products ‘for free’ on my blog. “You send us £200 and we’ll let you review for free!” I mean if I’m paying £200 it’s just not free is it? They didn’t seem to understand that though and that’s why it’s so funny to me haha.
  2. I was once asked by a cosmetic company to review some products that I had to turn down because I have really sensitive skin and from reading the ingredients I knew that I’d have a problem with the products so I politely emailed back and declined and the company replied and asked me to pretend that I didn’t have sensitive skin… I mean, really?!
  3. “We’ve not finished making our product yet but will you review it anyway and tell people it’s awesome.” – This actually happened once so I emailed back apologising for the fact my Tardis was currently broken and therefore I was unable to time travel and review their product.
  4. I once got an email off a man who said his name was Mr Ollivander, he asked me to review his wand. I never replied to the email but I think it’s a pretty safe bet that it wasn’t Mr Ollivander I mean I’m a muggle. Why would he be asking me to review his wand?!
  5. “We originally wanted to work with * insert name of bigger blogger * but they said no so we were wondering if you’d like to work with us instead?” – Errrrrrrrrrrr No. I’ve had a few emails like this and it just annoys me so much that they don’t even try to hide the fact I wasn’t their first choice like I should be grateful to receive * bigger blogger’s * cast offs? It just makes me laugh so much haha.

So there you have it! There’s 5 examples of some of the ridiculous and annoying things that brands have said to me over the years.

This post was inspired by a post Rock n Roll Bride wrote called “10 Ways To Make All Bloggers Want To Work With You.” Kat’s post is brilliant so you should definitely check it out.

As I was reading Kat’s post I started laughing at some of the daft stuff that has happened to me over the years and so this post was born!

What’s the most ridiculous thing a brand has ever said to you I’d love to hear your stories!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post!

Have a great day!

Charlotte xo