Quick Note – Blog Changes!

Hey Guys!

Okay so just a quick message for you all!

Firstly I wanted to thank you all for your patience, the updates I’m doing are taking a little longer than I’d originally thought they would but I promise by tomorrow everything will be done and I’ll get back to posting again!

I realise a lot of you are waiting for the rest of my Headspace reviews, I’m so sorry for the delay with those, it was because I was having trouble uploading my review of day four that I decided to change the blog a bit and well that’s why the rest of the posts are delayed in arriving!

I promise you won’t have to wait much longer though!

You’re probably looking at the site and thinking, gee nothing has really changed what the hell has taken her so long?! I’m right aren’t I?

Well let me talk you through the changes I’ve made so far and the final few changes I have left to make.

Firstly and probably the most obvious change is the colour scheme. I kept the same theme (Bueno) but mixed the colours up a bit because well it’s my blog and I can! Plus it’s always good to change things every now and then, but if you think I’m trawling my ass through the not so vast selection of wordpress themes looking for a theme better than this one to change things completely you can think again, I’m not doing that because in my opinion I think this is the best theme around!

Anyway, the second change I made is to the blog font and size. I upload from multiple devices depending on where I am and what I have to hand so in the past the fonts and sizes have all been different depending on which device I uploaded from. I decided since I changed the colour scheme that I’d do some research and find a nice font that’s available on all of my devices and start using that so all of my posts at least look the same. I then went back and edited every single post I’ve ever put on here and changed it to the same font. This is a task that I thought would be really simple but I’m not even kidding when I say it took me about 10 hours in total to do. Tedious task but worth it, right?

I also added copyright notices to all of my posts although rather foolishly I didn’t think to do this at the time of editing the fonts so had to go back through my archives again.. What can I say, I’m human I make mistakes.

I’ve changed the Categories of my posts too, I now have fewer more concise categories which I think makes my archives a little easier to navigate.

As well as changing the categories of my posts I’ve retagged all of my posts with new tags because I finally figured out what the tag feature is for (Only took me 6 months..) so I figured hey why not use it to my advantage?!

As well as all of this I’ve deleted some old and now irrelevant posts, so if my archives do seem a little emptier than before that’s why but it’s okay because it just means I’m going to have to blog more to fill them back up for you all!

All of this doesn’t sound like much I know but I wanted to make sure everything was done properly so I’ve taken my time with it all. If a jobs worth doing it’s worth doing right! Right?

I have a few changes to make to the pages section on the site (The links under the blog title for those of you wondering what pages are) but other than that I’m pretty much done now!

Thank you once again for your patience, and a massive thank you to the wonderful people that have been giving me feedback on the site already, I didn’t take the site down whilst I was making changes so I know some of you have seen the changes as they’ve happened.

But for the rest of you, old and new readers, and the people that have somehow stumbled upon my blog and wondered how exactly they’ve ended up here; welcome to the new and improved Charlotte-Emily.net I hope you like what you see!

You know that satisfied feeling you get after writing a long blog post after you haven’t blogged in a few days? I have that right now.

Maintenance / Changes were essential but boy have I missed blogging!

Okay I’ll shut up now.

Comment down below or tweet me @MissCharlotteEm and let me know what you think of my new changes so far? Is there anything else you’d like to see on my site? Let me know! xo


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