Birth Of A Pixie – Poem

One of the questions I get asked a lot is how I write poetry, is there any method in my madness,

The simple answer is NO,

I just sit down and let the words fall from my pen,

I was writing before without really paying much attention and thought I’d share with you what I wrote,

Normally before I share my poems I’ll nurture them for a few days / weeks / months until I’m sure they’re ready to be shared. This usually involves a lot of correcting myself and changing things that I’ve written.

I haven’t done that with this poem.

This is the first draft.

Hopefully this will provide an insight into how I write, or at least prove that I don’t have a method.

For now I’m going to call this poem Birth of a Pixie but I might change that along with other things at a later date!

So here it is..

Stealing glances in the moonlight
Hoping you’ll be here all night
Feelings masked in apathy
I long to share and make you see
That if a butterfly rides a unicorn
On the day that a pixie is born
Flowers grow and they still die
It’s a fact of life so don’t ask why
I love you and I always did
Yet to tell you so I do forbid
It’s a chocolate teapot on a summers day
I’ll never find the words to say
Therefore in my mind my heart conspires
To continue to stoke the coldest fires
Love for you burns on and on
Yet our summer days are all long gone.

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