Axl Rose Is Joining Take That?!


Just a quick post because I wanted to see if anybody else agrees with me..

I’m just watching The Graham Norton Show from Friday 28th November and Take That are on it, I’m not much of a Take That fan but I can respect the career and succeses that they’ve had.

I see that they’re now a trio because Jason left and it seems weird watching them perform as a trio, I kind of feel like they should just stop now and bow out gracefully, anyone agree?

I know they managed without Robbie but now that they’re a trio it just seems a bit sad and almost pathetic that they’re holding on to ‘Take That’, I feel like they should bow out and you know end it all on a high..

I mean let’s use probably the best example of somebody who should’ve bowed out gracefully a long time ago, Axl Rose. He’s still touring under the name Guns n Roses but last time I checked he’s the only original member of GnR left in the band and he’s terrible these days, has a poor reputation for showing up late and being a dick and as far as I’m concerned he’s ruined GnR’s name and reputation by turning what was once one of the best bands on this planet into an absolute laughing stock, he should’ve bowed out a LONG time ago. Slash went solo and look how well he’s doing!

So yeah I feel like Take That need to stop now before they become a joke too because they have done amazingly well and it would be a shame to see all that go to ruin now.

That’s just my thoughts though, what do you think? Comment down below or tweet me @MissCharlotteEm and let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Charlotte xo