ASOS Personal Stylist Review.

Hi my name is Charlotte and I’m an ASOS addict…

My obsession with ASOS is well documented I know but I have something really cool and ASOS related to tell you about!

Before I start I’m going to throw a disclaimer out that this isn’t sponsored and also say that I’m exceptionally uninformed but I’m so excited I don’t want to do research I just want to tell you guys!

So on Friday night I was messing around on my iPad doing some shopping because it’s Jim’s birthday in October and we’re going to London to see Above & Beyond (@AboveAndBeyond) in Alexandra Palace (@YourAllyPally) for ABGT050 and I need an outfit for it.

As of Saturday August 3rd it’s 12 weeks until the event so I consider this an acceptable time to start shopping… ANYWAY

So I was on my iPad on ASOS when I noticed this little box in the corner of my screen that said something about chatting to an ASOS stylist. I clicked it and a Stylist called Jade popped up and asked how she could help me, so I told her what I was shopping for and gave her my details (height, size etc.) and a bit of information about my ‘style’and budget.

It was brilliant she took about 2 minutes to find me 5 amazing dresses, 3 of which I already own so she hit the nail on the head in terms of what sort of stuff I like!

Then I asked her to help me pick some shoes to go with the dress I chose, she did the same thing again, found me 5 amazing pairs. After that she helped me pick my accessories too.

I just absolutely loved it, she was really friendly and it was just such a great and helpful service! Did I mention it’s a free service?!

I’m terrible at deciding what to wear or what I should buy for events so having an ASOS stylist narrow it down to just a few out of the hundreds / thousands of amazing items on was awesome.

I was super excited to find out that I can actually request the same stylist again next time I use the service too! I’m really glad about this because I was so so SO happy with everything she picked out for me based off just a few basic details I gave her.

The coolest part about all of this was that as it was before 9pm I was able to order the things she’d helped me pick and have them arrive the next day thanks to the free next day delivery service I get with my ASOS Premier account!

I don’t know how long this feature has been out, I do know it’s not available on iPhone (which is where I normally do my ASOS shopping so that’s how I’m only just hearing about this if you’re reading this and thinking shut up Charlotte this has been out for ages!) but I also know that ASOS have excelled themselves again!

What with the amazing ASOS Premier with it’s unlimited free next day delivery and an this new stylist feature ASOS is just pretty damn incredible!

Don’t you just love when your favourite shop just keeps getting better?!

Have you tried the stylist feature? What did you think? Comment below or tweet me @MissCharlotteEm and tell me! xo

Find out more about ASOS Premier by reading my review here!

PS I’m not doing an ASOS haul or telling you exactly what she helped me pick because I want the dress to be a secret until I actually wear it in London. But rest assured I’ll do an OOTD when I wear it!

PPS are you going to ABGT050? Let me know!