Ashes – Poem

I was just reading through my old poems and I found this one.

As I was reading this poem all of the emotions that I was feeling when I wrote this came flooding back and it overwhelmed me really.

It’s been a while since I shared a poem with you all so I thought I’d share this with you since it still brings out emotion in me.

When you think about it, cremation is really strange. I mean to go from being a living being to what is effectively a jar of dust is crazy.

I didn’t write this poem about my Uncle but a few years ago I had to scatter my Uncles ashes and I held some of them in my hand and it just blew my mind that it was my uncle and he was now dust and tiny stones, couldn’t get my head around it really. Still can’t if I’m honest.

Any way without further ramblings here’s my latest poetic offering!


Silence descended at lightning speed
All of their faces were filled with greed
It grasps my head and my heart
Face so beautiful like a work of art
All of my emotions spinning in hell
Last look now so long farewell
The final journey it begins
Forgive him lord for his sins
They walked you down the aisle
Against your wish I couldn’t smile
Vomit inducing floods of tears
Washing away your future years
Sliding back behind the curtain
Of where you are I am not certain
I know there’s finality in the flames
Your ashes now are all that remains
One mighty human in one small jar.

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PS: To the people that tweet about having insomnia at midnight “ohhh my god it’s midnight and I’m still awake #InsomniaProblems’

Screw you! It’s 5.30am and I’m still awake!


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  1. CJ says:

    Nice poem. And, the insomnia thing, I definitely hear THAT! Midnight, pooh! That’s practically the beginning of a real insomniac’s night. 5:30 a.m. I am still wide awake, trying to induce sleep, as I lay on my bed watching the tube…thinking to myself that watching murder investigation programs on ID channel is probably the worst thing I can

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