Slamming Doors – Poem.

Following on from my last post about nightmares and how they sometimes inspire me to write poetry here’s another poem I wrote based on a nightmare I had. 

Doors slam windows break
Hearts shatter big mistake
Blood drips so fast it burns
On the floor his head it turns
Glistening pool deepest red 
Lit cigarette fire in the bed
Now in flames all must lie
In this poem no one does die
Shining armour melts tonight
No longer are you my knight
Transformed into my nightmare
How I’m glad I wasn’t really there

I don’t mean to spam you all with my poetry but it followed on from the last post so I thought I’d treat you to two poems tonight!

That’s your lot for today guys I hope you’re all well comment below or tweet me @MissCharlotteEm and let me know how you’re all doing and what’s new! 



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