Amazing – Poem

This follows on from my poem Lucky that I shared with you all the other day. I guess I’m just being a bit soppy at the moment and that’s coming through in a lot of the poetry I’ve been writing lately. Don’t hold it against me!

This poem I wrote because I have somebody in my life who is amazing and doesn’t even realize it, and no matter how many times I tell them they just don’t believe me and it actually makes me really sad. So I wrote them a poem in another attempt to show them how amazing they are.

Naming poetry isn’t my strong point so I’ve decided to call this one Amazing. The other day when I shared Lucky with you all every time I spoke about it I started singing the Britney Spears song of the same name and it actually became quite annoying.. so at least today I can be singing Aerosmith every time I mention it! Although sadly my poetry will never top the writing abilities of Steven Tyler! 



With a heart so pure and a mind so smart

To me my dear you’re a work of art

And yet you yourself cannot see

All the things that make you so wonderful to me

I wish you knew oh how I wish you saw

Why your everything just leaves me in awe

There’s not a single thing about you I’d change

You’re beautiful, lovely and wonderfully strange

One day I’ll make you realise

These things I say aren’t just kind lies.

You’re a magnificent person through and through

You have know idea how lucky I feel to know you.

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