Alzheimer’s Through A Child’s Eyes

As I think I’ve mentioned a few times now my little sisters are visiting me at the moment from France.

You all know that my Grandad has Alzheimer’s, as he is also the Grandfather of my little sisters I thought it would be nice to ask them what they thought about Grandad and his Alzheimer’s.

I was going to incorporate their views into a post I’m working on about Alzheimer’s and children but I thought they were so lovely that they deserve their own post.

The first is from my youngest sister Sabrina aged 8.

I’ll put her paragraph in first, exactly as she wrote it and then I’ll translate underneath.

Je suis un peu triste que mon grand-père à l’alzheimer’s. Mais je sais qu’il est dans une bonne maison de retraite. Quand même sa m’arrive d’être timide avec lui. Mais Alzheimer’s ou pas sa reste mon grand-père.

Translated: I’m a little bit sad that my grandad has Alzheimer’s but I know that he is in a good nursing home. Sometimes I’m a little bit shy with him but Alzheimer’s or not he’s still my Grandad.

This next paragraph is from the eldest of the two, Lily aged 12.

C’est difficile d’avoir un grand-père atteint de la maladie d’Alzheimers, on est très timide et on regrette le papi qui se rappelle de nous. Des fois, je voudrai repartir en arrière et de tous recommencer à zéro, Mais c’est impossible ! Malgré ça , je l’aime comme avant et j’espère qu’ils trouveront un remede au plus vite! Cette interview est dédié à toutes les personnes qui ont un membre de sa famille ou un ami(e) atteint de cette maladie .

Translated: It’s difficult to see my Grandad with Alzheimer’s, I’m very shy with him and I miss the way he used to remember us. Sometimes I’d like to go back in time and start again at zero. But that’s not possible. Even though he has Alzheimer’s I love him like before and I hope that they find a remedy quickly! This interview is dedicated to all of the people who know somebody with Alzheimer’s.

I hope you enjoyed reading their thoughts. If you have any questions for my little sisters or myself regarding our Grandad and his Alzheimer’s please feel free to comment below or tweet me @MissCharlotteEm xo


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