ABGT101 & ABGT102 – Countdown to #ABGT150


So on Monday I wrote a post talking about the latest ABGT podcast and kicking off my ABGT150 countdown..

You all know that Jim and I were in New York for ABGT100 and if you didn’t then you can read all about that by clicking here! A lot of you seemed quite confused as to why I wrote about ABGT100 then skipped two podcasts and kicked my countdown off with ABGT 103.

There’s no reason behind this other than the fact I got really excited about ABGT 100 again when I was writing my New York posts up and ABGT103 had just been released and I thought hey why not start a countdown to ABGT150!

So to show love to the other two podcasts that I inadvertently missed here’s a combined list of my favourite tracks from ABGT102 and ABGT101!

If you don’t have the foggiest what I’m talking about then click here to read my post about ABGT103 which better explains everything..

Sp my favourite tracks from the ABGT102 podcast that was released on October 31st and the ABGT101 podcast released on October 24th are in no particular order..

  • The Juventa remix of Super8 & Tab feat Julie Thompson “Let Go.” I adore Super8 & Tab and this is definitely one of my favourite tracks of theirs, I love Julie Thompson’s vocals and it’s just such a chill song.

  • This was the record of the week in ABGT102 and that is a well deserved title for this track, Jason Ross’ first solo release on Anjunabeats “Elements.” The intro to this song gave me chills the first time I heard it, I’m not even kidding I had goosebumps! But this is one of those great songs that you listen to and you think yeah this is going to be nice and chill and then the beat kicks in and you’re not chilling anymore! So good!

  • Deadmau5 “The Reward Is Cheese” Fehrplay Remix – I have no comment to make other than I just really like the track and the title too haha.

  • Ilan Bluestone “Aurora” – purely because it reminded me of ABGT100

  • Above & Beyond feat Zoe Johnston We’re All We Need – I’m in love with this song. It’s the soundtrack to my New York trip and it’s just beautiful.

  • Jaytech & James Grant “Moth” Martin Roth Remix – Again I just love this song!

  • The entire Eli & Fur guestmix from ABGT102 – I don’t know much about these girls right now but I definitely want to know more! I loved this mix and I actually think I’d like to see these two live!

  • The Hook & Sling remix of Lana Del Rey’s “Ultraviolence” I’m obsessed with Lana Del Rey, she has such a beautiful voice and this is just such a great remix.

  • Chicane “Fibreglasses” – No comment to make I just really liked the song.

  • The entire Super8 & Tab guestmix from ABGT101 I mean can these two do anything wrong right now?! They’re incredible!

Sooo yeah this was just a quick post to show some love to the two podcasts that I inadvertently missed out!

What were your favourite songs from these podcasts? Comment down below or tweet me @MissCharlotteEm and let me know!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to come back on Saturday when I’ll be talking about the tracks I loved from ABGT104 and continuing my countdown to ABGT150!

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I know it’s early and they’ve not announced anything about ABGT150 yet but I don’t even care I’ll make sure that Jim and I are there no matter where in the world it may be and I hope you’ll all come with us! xo