ABGT 103 – Countdown To ABGT150 Starts Now!

All this talk about New York has got me feeling the ABGT 100 buzz all over again! It honestly was the best night of my entire life so far and ugh I just want to go back and relive it all again!

But since I can’t do that (well I can but videos, photos and podcasts just aren’t quite the same..) I thought I’d start counting down to ABGT 150, it might seem a little early but there’s only 45 podcasts to go! (45 if you don’t count 103 or 150 itself I think.. I’m not sure.. I’ve just completely confused myself! Tell me in the comments if I’m wrong..)

I thought I’d countdown each week by reviewing the current podcast, telling you what my favourite tracks are and just generally sharing the ABGT love with you all!

If you don’t know what ABGT is then where the heck have you been?! ABGT is Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy podcast, it’s a weekly 2 hour podcast that showcases the best trance, progressive and electronic music that’s around right now!

It’s available on iTunes and SoundCloud for free and ugh it’s just beautiful!

If you didn’t know they recently had their landmark ABGT 100 show (100th episode of ABGT) in New York’s Madison Square Garden and I was one of the lucky 13,000 that got to be there to witness it all! If you’d like to read more about that then please click here.

Now on with this weeks podcast! – ABGT 103

I’ve had it pretty much on repeat since it became available on iTunes.. it’s 2 hours of sheer brilliance.

My favourite tracks in no particular order were..

  • We’re All We Need – Above & Beyond feat Zoe Johnston. I just can’t get enough of this song right now. I love that there was a couple mentioned in this podcast that got engaged in New York either at or after ABGT 100 and they said this is going to be there wedding song, I mean what a lovely song to have as your wedding song! Congratulations to them both!

  • Audien’s remix of Van Halen’s “Jump” Oh my god I fan girled massively when this song came on. I love Van Halen and this remix was just perfection.

  • The brand new Impetto remix of Myon & Shane with Kyler England – “Summer Of Love” this is going to sound cheesy but it just reminded me of summer and the amazing times I had and yeah I got a tiny bit nostalgic but be fair I have had the best summer I think I’m allowed a little nostalgia..

  • Sebastien Park’s remix of Above & Beyond’s “A Thing Called Love” it just took me back to MSG when A Thing Called Love played and you could literally hear 13,000 people singing along – incredible!

  • Mat Zo’s “Ruffneck Bad Boy” – This song caught me off guard, everything had been quite chilled up until this point and then this came on and it was just like YES! YES Mat Zo!

  • Nick Sember (Rad of Norin & Rad) – “Forth” I don’t have a comment to make on this one I just really liked it..

  • Same goes for Axwell & Ingrosso “Can’t Hold Us Down”.

  • Speed Limits & Jaco featuring Joni Fatora “Palm Of Your Hand” – THOSE VOCALS! OH. MY. GOD! 😀

So yeah those are my favourite tracks from this weeks episode! If you haven’t heard it yet be sure to go and download it for free from iTunes or give it a listen on SoundCloud by clicking here!

What were your favourite songs from this episode? Comment down below and let me know or tell me on Twitter @MissCharlotteEm and don’t forget to use the tags #ABGT103 / #ABGT!

I love you all millions and don’t you ever forget that!

Charlotte xo