A Special Music Monday with My Mr Christmas!

Today instead of doing a regular Music Monday post I wanted to do something a little more festive and share with you a playlist of some of my favourite Christmas music!

I’ll put the playlist right here for you to listen to as you read the rest of this post:

At this time of year, I always hear a lot of people who are sitting around drinking their gingerbread soy lattes talking about how Michael Bublé is Mr Christmas and how you know it’s Christmas when you hear Michael Bublé singing Christmas songs.

I don’t agree with that, you could hear him singing Christmas songs in June and it wouldn’t make it Christmas, it’s Christmas because it’s Christmas. Whilst I’m on the subject of when it’s Christmas, this also isn’t something which is determined by the colour of a cup or anything else that clearly isn’t a calendar…

Anyway Michael Bublé has an incredible voice, he’s a modern day crooner and he’s also very easy on the eye, he’s sung some great Christmas songs and he is awesome, so put your earrings back in, we’re cool.

He’s not my Mr Christmas though, my Mr Christmas is Dean Martin!

When I’m feeling festive and I’m looking for some music to go with that feeling Dino really is the only one for me!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Dean Martin all year round but there is just something so wonderful about his Christmas Music!

I’ve put a playlist together which combines my three favourite Dean Martin Christmas albums! The Dean Martin Christmas Album, Christmas with Dean Martin and Christmas with Nat & Dean! The last album has songs by the legendary Nat King Cole on it as well which makes it even better!

The playlist is at the top of this page ready for you to listen to right now if you aren’t already! I realise that not all of you celebrate Christmas and I completely respect that, I hope that you’ll be able to objectively appreciate the playlist for what it is, a lot of great music!

I’ve decided against doing ‘blogmas’ this year, I’ve done it in the past and at this stage repeating the festive posts just feels like I’m cheating you out of content!

It is currently snowing on my blog though and there will be a fair bit of accidental festiveness throughout the month, it’s just that I won’t be forcing a festive post out every day! 🙂

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this edition of Music Monday, if you’re not feeling very festive and you’d like to read other editions from my Music Monday series that aren’t festive then please click here to be redirected to the Music Monday section of my blog where you’ll find all of the Music Monday posts I’ve ever written!

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Take care,

Charlotte xo