A Christmas Lament – Blogmas Day 9

What is it about the festive season that manages to bring out the sadness in me even when I’m looking forward to Christmas.

Here’s the sort of poetry that I write by pure accident at 2am when I’m feeling sad and I can’t sleep..

A Christmas Lament

What if the love never goes away
And it just keeps haunting me every day?
What if I spend forever missing you?
Drowning in memories no clue what to do.
Hearts smashed into sharp little fragments
Tears and fears forming mournful laments.
I wish I knew how to stop myself caring
Or blasting myself for being so daring
I dared to love you now I’m doomed to long
For the days that came before it all went wrong,
It’s the season of joy but not in my heart
Because I’m still reeling from your sudden depart.

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