100 Days Of Happiness – Day One – The Eagles & Family Time!

Hey guys!

It’s been overly requested for me to do the 100 Days of Happiness challenge so I thought hey why not! I’m not entirely sure how this works but I’m guessing I tell you one thing that’s made me happy for 100 days and it’s all fine and dandy? This should be pretty interesting for me to do since I’m amidst a permanent war with my depression and anxiety. So lets do this!

100 Days Of Happiness – Day One!

So my Dad has been over visiting from France this weekend and we’ve had a really nice weekend which has cheered me up loads, he went back to France today though and while that isn’t normally a happy thing on this occasion it is because the next time I see Dad will be when we go to see The Eagles play in Liverpool!

I’m really excited to go and see The Eagles, they’re a band I’ve loved for years but this gig is more special because I’ll be going with my Dad, the very man who introduced me to The Eagles when I was little! I never really thought I’d get to see The Eagles live given the age of band mambers and their very rare UK tour schedule. But I get to see them in my home town with my Dad! 🙂

I’m so unbelievably excited!


What’s made you happy today? Comment down below or tweet me @MissCharlotteEm! Will you be going to see The Eagles too? Let me know!