100 Days Of Happiness – Day Seven – You Guys!

Yes yes I hear you all letting out a group sigh of despair as I prepare to write another mushy post declaring my undying love for you all.. again.

Well I’m not going to do any of that, although I do love you all.

I just want to say that today I’ve been reading through all of the emails and messages off you guys and argh I just have a massive happy glowy feeling.

I took some time away from my blog to focus on my grandparents and my life away from the internet and now I’m back and I feel really good and it’s so amazing to see that you’ve all welcomed me back and are loving the new posts that I’m putting up!

Just insane amounts of love and gratitude and happiness.

Thank you all SO much!

Now I want to know what’s made you happy today? Comment down below or tweet me @MissCharlotteEm and tell me! 🙂